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FTC Advertising and Affiliate Disclosures

Let’s be upfront, Core Media One is in the business of helping you (our clients) increase profits, reduces expenses and create efficiencies in your business. In this process, we do earn money and make a living from the sale of proprietary products and services as well as by linking to other products and services through affiliate programs and networks thereby earning commissions.

In addition, we may receive compensation by reviewing certain products or services. By providing our honest opinion we strive to provide information which will allow you to make intelligent buying decisions about the products and services we review.

As part of full disclosure requirements, we are providing this statement pursuant to Federal Trade Commissions “Guidelines Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” 16 CFR, Part 225. We may have a material connection to posts or products we review or mention.

Being a fully independent firm, we do not endorse, recommend, or favor any particular product or act as an agent or a developer of any product or service we review unless we explicitly state it on any of the advertising documents, videos or posts. If explicitly stated, you can assume we earn a commission from the sale of the product or service. With this in mind, we will always try to provide an honest review of the pros and cons about the product or service.

In all aspects of our business, we strive to produce the best possible products and services for our clients. When we create a product or service our liability is limited by the governing State law and pursuant to any terms of service which may be applicable to a specific product or service. In the event that no terms have been stated, our liability will be limited by the least extent permissible by State law.

In compliance with current FTC regulations, we are required to disclose that there may be a financial interest between the owner(s) and some of the products or services it reviews, recommends, or promotes.

1. Material Affiliation
Please assume that any time a product or service is mentioned on this site, the owner may be compensated. Any recommendations made by the owner of the site for any product or service have been made in good faith, based on either the owners own use of the product, or based on the merit of the product in public opinion.

2. Partiality Statement
Because the owner of this website may be paid, a bias for those products may exist. Every effort has been made to ensure that all reviews are accurate and true, but some bias can be assumed simply because of the material relationship between the owner and the companies involved.

3. Compensation
The owner of this website may receive monetary compensation for the links on this website. If you purchase a product that you find on this site, the owner may be paid a commission, for example.

This disclosure has been made to let you know that any link you may find on this website should be assumed to have some financial benefit for the owner of this website. While this may not always be true, it should be assumed that it is.