What We Do

Core Media One is a content marketing and online broadcasting firm located in the southwestern suburbs of Chicago. We specialize in the production and delivery of topic specific content for small and medium size businesses looking to maximize their marketing message and increase customer engagement through social media channels and web presence.

Who Do We Serve

Our clients are entrepreneurs who have a strong passion for their business. They see the need for an online presence in order to compete in their local market as well as being able to scale their business to meet the demands of a growing and dynamic global market place.

Our clients see the value in leveraging current technology and online communication platforms to reach their target audience.

By leveraging the internet, mobile devices, social media network platforms and video syndication channels, clients are able to broadcast their sales messages and content to prospects who want their products and services but more importantly can afford to buy the products and services offered.

Creating marketing systems to maximize productivity and profits is the keystone our clients see as the method to leverage themselves so they are able to work on their business rather than constantly working in their business.

Our Values

We believe in doing everything we can to make your business successful.

We are experts in client acquisition systems, together we can increase your client base.

We believe in having fun in our business and personal lives and love working with clients who share this thinking.

We practice the Golden Rule: Treat people how you want to be treated yourself.